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Tornado BR-13

Featuring cylindrical brushes that lift soils away, BR 13/1 MW (BR 13) washes, mops, scrubs, and dries rubber tile and hard-surface floors in a single pass. With very little chemicals or water, scrubber leaves floors clean and dry in minutes.  In-house facility managers, building engineers, and housekeepers will appreciate the BR 13's superior flexibility, advanced productivity and reduced environmental impact. Where high quality floor cleaning performance, ease of use and durability are called for, the BR 13 is the most versatile and effective answer for any hard or soft floor surface.

  • Excellent results on rubber floors, hard floor coverings including vinyl tile, brick, slate, mosaic, granite and marble.
  • Whisper-Quiet 69db. Perfect for daytime cleaning.
  • Cleans 3,775 sq. ft. per hour
  • 100% Solution Recovery for safer floors.
  • Can be used on escalators, commercial-grade carpeting and entrance matting.
  • Particularly effective for tile and grout cleaning and non-slip safety floors.
  • Perfect for eco-friendly encapsulation carpet cleaning for commercial grade carpets and entrance mats.
  • Choice of brushes for normal maintenance or intensive scrubbing. Cylindrical brushes “lift” and revitalize carpet fibers while low-moisture solution atomization minimizes moisture, allergens and bacteria in carpets.
  • Perfect for weight rooms, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, restrooms, schools, airports, and retail sales floors.

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