We're Green!

  Infinity Max contains up to 95% recycled content. We start with 100% post-consumer material rescued from landfills and mix in colorful, UV-resistant TPV flecks. The two are then bound with a polyurethane binder to create rubber flooring in an extensive array of standard and custom color combinations.

Our product is designed to meet stringent criteria required to earn points under 2 out of the 6 categories of LEED®. Based on these criteria, Infinity Max products can assist specifiers by potentially contributing up to 8 points toward LEED® certification.

  How Infinity Max earns LEED® credits
Many interior products have the potential to contribute points to LEED®, but since credits are based on the performance of all the products involved in a particular project, there is not one stand-alone product that can guarantee you will obtain LEED® credits. It is the combination, and the weight of each, that is critical.

What is LEED?
The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System represents the U.S. Green Building Council’s effort to provide a national standard for what constitutes a "green building."