Maintenance Instructions

  Instructions for routine maintenance can be found below. For detailed information about interim and restorative maintenance as well as the types of equipment to use, use the links to the right to download detailed instructions.

We recommend Buckeye® Blue and Taski Floor Care™and Maintenance Products which are available nationally and offer simple and reliable cleaning solutions.


Daily & Regular Cleaning

  1. Vacuum floor to remove surface soil, debris, sand and grit.
  2. Damp mop the floor with a neutral cleaner such as Buckeye® Blue or Taski profi.
  3. This process may be done in one or two steps with a Tornado BR 13 or SteamVacTM.
  4. Allow floor to dry thoroughly.


Restorative Maintenance – Heavily Soiled Cleaning

  1. Vacuum floor thoroughly.
  2. Apply Liquid Shovel as recommended on the product label.
  3. Scrub using a buffer and scrub brush attachment.
  4. Pick up solution with wet vacuum, SteamVac or Tornado BR 13.
  5. Allow floor to dry thoroughly.

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Important Maintenance Tips

  1. Use high CFM vacuum with a beater brush to pick up dust.
  2. For large areas, use the Tornado BR 13.
  3. Dilute the detergents with water per the manufacturers instructions; use higher concentrations for stubborn stains or hard to clean areas.
  4. Rinse, wet vacuum or mop up any detergent residue when cleaning the floor.
  5. For gum, use generic gum remover, however, any solvent-based product should be rinsed well with water to avoid damaging floor.
  6. DO NOT use an Auto Scrubber with a squeegee attachment. It tends to not pick up all of the dirty water solution and leaves a film of diluted dirty water on the tiles.
  7. DO NOT use petroleum or citrus based detergents.
  8. DO NOT aggressively scrub the Custom Logos with a scrub brush or attachment. This could damage the logo over time. They will clean up with a simple wipe with a wet mop or cloth.

Contact Buckeye Blue Customer Care at 800-321-2583 for a distributor in your area.

Contact TASKI Customer Care at 800-862-3400 for a distributor in your area.

Contact Infinity Performance at 888-479-1017 for purchasing the Tornado BR 13